Cave Dwelling: Have You Heard about them Koreans?

He that rebels against reason is a real rebel, but he that in defence of reason rebels against tyranny has a better title to Defender of the Faith, than George the Third.


Since the dawn of time every super power has been challenged. From Rome fighting the Saxons in northern Europe to the US taking up arms for a cause to fight Great Britain, to the Cold War, every time one nation is considered a world power, there has always been one if not more wanting to take the throne.

Unless you have been living in a cave the past fifty years, you are somewhat aware of what is going on in the South Pacific. I am going to shed some light for you if you aren’t. Since the death of Kim Jong Il in 2011, Kim Jong-un his son, was his successor to power. I guess they like to keep the names generally the same to we all think they sound alike. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”

I heard that quote growing up and to me it just meant that it was a euphemism that didn’t apply to me, because I am nothing like my father. In hindsight, the saying generally is true though. How you are brought up as a child will indicate how you live your life. Kim Jong Il was a dictator, and on numerous occasions made threats to South Korea, threatening to level South Korea in a  “three day war”. Well this trait of blatant hatred and threat making was apparently passed on to his son. Kim Jong-un recently has turned up the heat on South Korea and the US as well posting weekly if not more videos of propaganda ranging from showing off North Korean training events to obvious animated videos of the White House in a ball of fire.

“Second by second, the fuse of a nuclear war is burning,” a female narrator warned. It then showed a sniper’s crosshairs superimposed over the White House, before switching to animated footage of the dome of the US Capitol building exploding in a fireball. “There is no limit to the range of our strategic rockets,” the narrator said.*


These threats have prompted the US to take action at first in trying sanctions and peace talks, but North Korea is pretty well convinced we are going to strike first. The first two minutes of the linked video on the page above is still frame photos of US B-52 bombers implying that our nuclear weapons will drop upon Pyongyang in means to force North Korea to bend to the “oppressive will of a capitalist nation”.


Here’s where it gets real for me. I am a Corporal in the USMC Reserve Infantry. Both nations next moves could very easily tip the balance of my life from living the college student lifestyle, and reservist on a weekend once a month, to overseas in the Pacific storming a beach fighting the 28th largest military strength in the world. Now let me back track a bit. I am always down for a good scrap, if the cause is right. I feel like I am fairly well educated enough that if I can’t talk my way out of a situation, then there really is no way out besides walking away. With that being said, if I believe in a cause and I know deep down that it’s a cause worth fighting for, then I will stand by my beliefs and either get my ass kicked, or stop when he doesn’t want anymore. Democracy at the tip of a spear is not what I am preaching here, what I am standing on my eSoapbox and telling you all is that beliefs and morals are instilled as a child, values are learned along the way, but standing up for what you have been taught is something that not everyone has. I am in no means a pacifist, but sometimes a war like this is never going to solve contrasting beliefs. North Korea believes that we want to destroy them, we all believe that the North Korean nation wants to destroy us because they are all evil and hate Americans. They think we oppress them and are invading their homeland by having bases in South Korea. With such beliefs like these neither side is right. I’m not saying let’s bow down as a nation and accept North Korean will, because nobody, wrong or right, threatens my nation, and nobody will ever be my dictator as long as I have means to fight. I would like to express how in the end, when all the smoke has cleared and the rubble lay smoldering, will we really be able to accept the cost of life and money that it will cost for this? My answer is yes. I do believe that even though the cost will be great, this nation has endured so much and come so far that a tyrant 6000 miles away shouldn’t be allowed to sit in his comfy office allotting funds for more military upgrades while his people starve to fight a war that he wants to start.

I love this country and would happily die for it. I made that choice when I was a child sitting in history class and we studied the Revolutionary War and we were told that we “inherited our freedom”. Well to me, I plan on earning my right to be an American, whether it’s defending from tyrants 6000 miles away, or standing post in Iraq, this nation is MY home, and no one comes in my house, drinks all my milk (..which is spoiled by the way, wouldn’t try it..) and kicks my dog. Let’s get real people, this has been coming for a while, I hope it can be avoided, but if not, your serve North Korea.



16 thoughts on “Cave Dwelling: Have You Heard about them Koreans?

  1. Well then, I have informed you that such measures are in place and should be removed, less you end up like our communist brethren.

    PS North Korea poses almost no threat to us. A country that can barely feed its people has no machine with which to wage war on our soil. Sure they have a couple “nukes” but they are bottle rockets compared to what we have. I doubt we will see any conflict with them.

    • I can assure you I am no ‘hipster’ and if I were a hipster, I would have been one before you and already thought hipsters were lame. On the off chance that “US Military Intelligence” is wrong, and coming from someone who receives bad intel on almost every mission, it might certainly well be; nuclear war is not in the best interest of either party. You must have skipped over the part where I said I was always down for a scrap, but senseless battles are only fought by men with no words. Threat or no threat to us, they are still writing checks they shouldn’t try to cash.

      War on our soil will only happen in Hollywood, but what do I know, I’m just a hypocritical hipster.

  2. From the photos I have seen on this “blog” you seem to me to have all the familiar symptoms of a hipster, at least the clothing and musical aspect. Did you drink PBR before or after it was the beer of choice for your ind/

    Anyway that’s another topic. People who get butthurt and worry about North Korea are the same type of people who freaked out about Y2K and buy flood insurance when they live on a mountain in a desert. Irrational. The story you wrote gives me the impression that you believe North Korea to be a significant military threat, which they are not.

  3. Listen here GI Joe, people like you make me sick. You give Americans a bad name and this is why we are the laughing stock of the world. You wanna kill and blow up Korea because you don’t agree with their views. I mean come on badass, I bet you could take on south and North Korea all by yourself.

    • Did you really read nothing I wrote? I guess reading is hard for you so please feel free to go back and re-read my post. Then go ahead and comment again with a little less bass in your voice.

  4. I agree with Axel. Bullying NK to give up the nukes they have is akin to a child having a toy and then when another child gets that toy, saying they cant have it then take it away. America needs to grow up and realize we are no longer the greatest nation in the world, at least not in the eyes of every single other country ever.

    At least we have Rambo here to kick ass and take names for us.

    • You can’t argue with logic, after all, your views are completely right and mine are completely wrong.

      Pick up what I am laying down? It’s not a matter of right opinion or wrong opinion. And if you will notice to you and Axel, that in any of my posts I have refrained from name calling. So if you have you can voice your opinion in a more constructive manner, please feel free to comment. If you have a problem with my views or myself, you can shoot me an email and I would be happy to read it.

      Some of your points are valid, we aren’t as great as we think we are. My point in this last article was stating that regardless of how big or strong we are, why I enlisted and why I have served over seas and continue to do so, is because I am an American. Simple enough.

      I’ve really got nothing to prove to anyone, I encourage feedback and welcome criticism, but I have already earned my freedom. Sitting behind a keyboard bitching about opinions and name calling really isn’t that high on my to-do list these days.

  5. Served overseas? Please tell me where you served, I can guarantee from your tone that it was not a combat zone..prob some half-ass training op in a friendly EU country. I highly doubt you have ever been in the shit.

    Anyway I apologize for the “name calling” and hurting your feelings, if you cant take that then maybe this whole internet thing isn’t really for you. all joking aside however I do find your stories assuming and do wish you to continue to post them.

  6. How exactly am I talking trash? Just describing the situation as I see it, that’s all. And ignorance is a pretty big word for a Marine to be using and one of which you clearly don’t know the meaning of. Please tell me how ‘m being ignorant? I mean hell if it wasn’t for me and my comments this blog would be deader Vanilla Ice’s rap career.

    And I wouldn’t agree with the statement “Any where served is better than someone who hasn’t.” Because if I was correct in my assumption that you have only served in training op’s, esp w/ an allied country, then that basically means you went to play war on the taxpayers dime. Thanks for keeping us safe from the Polish or wherever it is you “served.”

    PS I was a PMC in Iraq for around 10 months. Although I wasn’t military does this mean I have not “served?” I would think it means that I have served my country more than you have good sir.

    • Well at least you aren’t an anti-government protest hippie. I won’t take away from your actions overseas, but please don’t take away from mine. I HAVE been over seas and yes to a combat zone. Just because I may ‘look’ like a “hipster” and you may think I am “idiot” doesn’t mean I think the same of you. Our points of view may differ, but opinions will always be wrong in the eyes of others who hold different ones. Also, I’m not the typical stereotype “jarhead”, I am quite well educated, and even though I may be a grunt, I don’t lick windows.

      PS, we didn’t work with the Polish in Europe, the Britts are cool as hell and will trade anything for a knife, the Swedish have good MRE’s and the Dutch are assholes, eat horse meat, and their women are linebackers. And if it weren’t for me commenting, your comments would be more ignored than a Nickelback free CD signing give away.

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